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The United States of America is the current world first power. As you might already know, the USA’s golden times passed a while ago. Things are no longer the same for this world leading country in the other side of the world. In fact, the USA’s economical problem has a lot to do with its own political system. This doesn’t mean that they caused the crisis to form themselves, of course. However, the current world crisis has a lot to do with their political system and the way they manage their investments. A very large number of the countries we know today are part of the USA’s allies. That is why these countries are practically obligated to trading, cooperating and helping the United States of America whenever they ask them to.
There is one thing that keeps America standing, and especially the United States. Debts are what keep it up. A lot of countries owe incredible amounts of money to the USA. This is what never lets these countries stop cooperating with them. Anything that the United States need can be covered with the help of some other country they can take advantage of.
In a worldwide recession, the United States is still the country with the highest obesity rate, while others of their allies have the highest poverty rate. However, these allies are still producing money and products for the USA, as they are still dependant due to the money they borrowed from them in the past. The United States would be a lot more unstable if it wasn’t for so many countries that still owe them money.


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