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With wallets tightening, banks struggling and the euro crumbling, you'd be forgiven for thinking it a bad time to invest in a new business. And that's true for many industries – you'd be rather foolish to start setting up a bank in Spain at the moment. If you want to invest in a new business and don't want to wait for the times of austerity to end, then there are some dependable industries that you could go into which keep delivering – no matter how bad things get.
Confectionary – When wallets tighten, belts follow suit, it seems. Confectionary is a business which will always achieve growth in a recession. Chocolate in particular is a comfort food, and one that people will buy more of when they have to cut other more expensive treats for themselves such as holidays.
Healthcare – It's a well-known fact that people won't stop getting ill simply because there is a recession on, and the NHS and private hospitals will always need new machines, staff and doctors to take care of them.
Recruitment – Specifically temporary staffing firms appear to be doing well in the recession, as more out-of-work people are coming to them for temporary positions, and more companies are reducing their permanent payroll in favour of part-time or temporary staff.
Repair services – It's definitely a sign of the times when repair services are on the up; people are seeking to repair broken possessions that they would simply replace if they had the cash flow.
Energy – The energy industry is full of excellent start-up opportunities at any time. Like healthcare, it is something that people will always need, and simply have to pay money for. Extra points to those investing in renewable energy, something that the government is determined to pump money into.

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