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Have you heard about the constant confrontation that has been going on since the moment China became the United States America’s enemy? Well, probably you are not very well aware of the real situation as it has been a very quiet battle. These two countries are strong in their technology and economy. However, the United States haven’t been doing so well regarding money. If you analyse the USA’s economy carefully, you will be able to see that most of their economy is still up thanks to the great amounts of money that other countries owe them. If these countries had no debts with the USA, it would be almost for sure that we would say good bye to our current world 1st power.
However, China is aware of this situation, and since they have declared to be enemies, they are thinking about a strategy; or at least that is what world analysers predict. The United States borrowed a very large amount of money from China a long time ago. That is the main reason why they fell out in the first place. However, what would happen if China could sell all these debts. China could divide the debt and sell it to every single country that owes the United States. This way no one would owe anything to the US. China would finally become the world 1st power, and a new world-wide order would be definitely introduced to our societies. Countries in America and other parts of the world would stop living in an American culture, and would start adopting Asian behaviours.


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